The second group of young Malawians who are going to work in farm fields in Israel is expected to leave tomorrow, Wednesday.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor, Nellie Kapatuka confirmed the visit, saying that about 200 young people are going to Israel.

Kapatuka said that the plane that will carry the youths will arrive this afternoon and is expected to take off tomorrow at 7 o’clock in the morning.

Meanwhile, the chair of Youth and Society (YAS) organization, Charles Kajoloweka, said he is disappointed that the government is still hiding the policy and system which is using to select these young people.

Kajoloweka said that people still have questions about the agreement that the government of Malawi has made with Israel through the recruitment department.

Nearly weeks ago, 221 Malawians left the country to work on farms in Israel, under an undisclosed agreement.

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