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The just registered political party, National Development Party (NDP), Frank Mwenifumbo has vehemently distanced itself from media reports that it is behind political misunderstandings in Alliance for Democracy (AFORD).

On Wednesday, some media houses reported that NDP leadership was the one who sponsored AFORD youths to chase their Secretary General, Wakuda Kamanga out of his office and party.

They further alleged that NDP is getting fund from the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in order to kill AFORD.
But reacting to the development on Thursday, the party’s interim President Frank Mwenifumbo described the accusations as political propaganda that aimed at destroying NDP image.

According to him, NDP leadership has nothing to do with internal squabbles of AFORD or any other political party in the country.

He wondered how Kamanga joined NDP especially if its leadership was behind political thugs who were baying for his blood early this month at AFORD’s office.

“It doesn’t make sense. You sponsor a group to chase someone from his or her house and that person decided to seek a refugee in your house despite having a knowledge? I don’t think Kamanga would have joined NDP if indeed we were behind that,” said Mwenifumbo.

On allegations that his party is funded by MCP in order to kill AFORD, Mwenifumbo said NDP is not has never been in alliance with the ruling party and there is no any connection.

He said if NDP has big sponsors like the ruling party, it would have been able to hold number of political rallies as well as buying party materials.

“The party is struggling to complete some of its activities on the ground just because of financial problems. If we had enough cash or big sponsors the party status would not have been the way it is. And I wonder how a sane sponsor can invest cash in such organization especially if it, he or she want to achieve its agenda,” said Mwenifumbo.

He also said that the NDP would not have joined the Karonga by-elections race or it would have endorsed MCP’s candidates.

The interim President, Mwenifumbo told this reporter that those behind this “baby” are afraid of NDP especially because of its attractive political ideologies and the way it grows in the country particularly the north.

“We know how NDP has been welcomed in the north where some parties regarded as their political bedroom. But they need to know the truth that it’s not because of financial support but ideologies. Voters are tired of political party families,” he added.

He then urged journalists to desist from being political partisan especially when writing their stories saying “some stories tell us thag pens are politically compromised.”

“Such stories are aimed at bringing disagreement between NDP and AFORD. Journalists must not be on forefront doing that,” he condemned.

Mwenifumbo started his political career with AFORD in 1999 when the party was led by its founder, Thom Chakufwaw Chihana.

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