Malawi Law Society Summons Lawyer Mdala To Court For Failing To Pay Fuel Bill At Gas Station

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has summoned lawyer Andrew Mdala to a disciplinary hearing for allegedly failing to square a K68,000 fuel and oil bill at a gas station in Blantyre for over a year.

Among others, Mdala is being charged with engaging in misconduct that brings the profession of the law into disrepute contrary to section 89(2)(j) of the Legal Education and Legal Practitioners Act (LELPA).

He is also being charged with engaging in personal misconduct that brings discredit to the profession contrary to Chapter 3 rule 1 of the Malawi Law Society Code of Ethics.

It is alleged that on January 27 2023, Mdala went to Kabula Filling Station to refill his car, where he refilled with petrol amounting to K30,000 and oil amounting to K38,000.

It is also alleged that he failed to pay for the petrol and oil because he had forgotten your fuel card at home. Therefore, he left his details, of his Malawi Law Society (Society) membership card and an expired Puma card with the fuel attendant.

“It is alleged that Mr Benard called you on the following day and you informed him that you would send the money. However, you did not send the money,” reads part of the summons from MLS.

According to MLS, on January 29, 2024, Benard reported the matter to Wenela Police Station where the law enforcers advised him to go to Mackenzie & Patricks where Mdala was working.

Mackenzie & Patricks informed Benard that Mdala was no longer working there and they referred him to MLS.

“When Mr Benard arrived at the Society, he requested that the Society should call you because what he wanted was the money. The Chief Executive Officer of the Society called you on 8th February, 2024, and you promised to settle the bill the next day. You have not paid the bill to date,” MLS says.

Mdala is yet to comment on the summon.

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