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Bride’s friend sad as she witnesses groom cheating with her side-guy a day to wedding

A young Nigerian lady shared her anguish while recounting how her best friend was cheated on by her groom the evening before their wedding.

A social media user identified as @Remzsx took to the microblogging platform X to narrate the incident she witnessed during her friend’s wedding preparations.

According to her, it all started when a groom’s friend arranged three ladies for the husband-to-be, who then slept with one of them.

The situation worsened after the wedding when the bride confronted her husband about incriminating chats on his phone regarding a trip to the hotel.

The revelation left the bride heartbroken and devastated by her husband’s betrayal.


“My best friend did her wedding last month and what I saw 2 nights to her wedding it’s been bothering me. I was at their place 5 days to the wedding, and what my eyes saw frightened me. She is 23 years old. Her husband is 35 years old.

“A night to the wedding, her husband’s best man came in with 3 ladies and her husband ended up sleeping with one. You know wedding arrangements, everywhere was busy only few people knew what happened. My friend is 7 months pregnant and she sleeps a lot.

“So she goes to bed early, even before 7 pm she has slept off. The best man came in with the girls around 10 pm, and they did everything at the guest room and the girls left around 12am, and his elder sister, who knew what happened, started blaming her brother.

“She shouted at him that she was highly disappointed. It didn’t end there. The night after the wedding. My best friend saw something on her husband’s phone, where he was telling his best man to come and carry him out to a hotel. That if my friend sees him, she won’t bother where her husband went to. So the friend was telling him not to do such a thing cos his wife needs him.

“My friend confronted him about the text messages and instead of him to be sorry, he snatched his phone from her and told her never to try such with him again.

“Calling her a mad woman in front of all of us. She begged me not to tell her parents about what happened but I am worried sick about her. Should I just ignore everything because she was telling me that he has put his hands on her like 3 times before the wedding.”

Bride's friend sad as she witnesses groom cheating a day to wedding
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