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Brave Hearts men’s and women’s win CDH Bank national basketball tournament


lilongwe based basketball team, Brave Hearts, men’s and women’s sides came out victorious of the CDH Bank sponsored national basketball tournament in Blantyre during the weekend.

The two-day tournament drew 15 teams and had kept them on their laces at the Kuhes sports complex.

In the men’s final, Brave Hearts beat CDHIB team 58-44 while in the women’s Brave Hearts won against UNILIL Arkangels.

Head coach for Brave Hearts, Dominic Munyenyembe, said charges had been very active in preparing for the tournament which also served as an opportunity to try a number of players.

Munyenyembe said the respectively wins has propelled the side into grading areas of improvement.

He also added that the CDH bankrolled tournament was vital in their quest to sustain dominance in the game.

Jamal Kamoto CDH Investment Bank, Chief Business Development Officer said the tournament will also take place next year after this its halt in 2021.

“The bank has been impressed with how the games have brought people together” said Kamoto.

He conclude that they keep growing positive from these games and so next year they will be back more.

Basketball Association of Malawi General Secretary Peter Gomani said that the tournament had been a success.

The CDH Bank sponsored the tourney at MK15 Million Kwacha.

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