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Zomba City Festival

Fri, 26 Apr 2024 10:00:00 UTC @ Botanic Garden - 2024 Zomba City Festival is schedulled to take place on 26 to 28 April at Botanic Garden in Zomba This is a festival for all ages in the historic mountain city of Zomba. Celebrate Cultu... More Info
Njuchi Day

Sat, 27 Apr 2024 10:00:00 UTC @ New Village House (Kampala Manase) - Elinationa And No Limit Presents Njuchi Day Music show with Njuchi Zitatu. The show will take place at New Village House in Manase on 27 April 2024 and it will have music performances b... More Info

What Housekeepers Do

Some people still think that a housekeeper’s job is a simple one and that all they really produce is a shopping list for the butler to order over the telephone. That may have been true in the grand Find a Housekeeperold days of pot boys and chambermaids. These days when you Find a Housekeeper though you literally get a Jill or Jack of all Trades.

A good housekeeper arrives early in the morning to feed and walk the family dogs. By the time he or she returns the family have gone to work or school leaving disorganized chaos behind them. It can take as much as half the day to wash up dishes, pack things away in bedrooms and get the laundry started. After that it is time to plan the evening meal that will be waiting for the family when they return home.

Which room will be thoroughly spring cleaned today? No doubt there will be stains to get off chairs and carpets, and walls to scrub clean too. It is amazing how much grime a busy family can create in just a single week, although this hardly surprises an experienced housekeeper.

Find a HousekeeperIn the course of their busy day a housekeeper finds endless extra things to do. Chores like replacing broken shoelaces, sewing buttons on and replacing defective light bulbs too. In the middle of everything the kids arrive back from school – hungrily demanding their lunch and ready to turn everything back to chaos instead of doing homework.

Half an hour before their employers return, weary housekeepers put everything back in place again before slipping out of the backdoor. If the lady and master of the house find a single thing out of place their inevitable remark is I have absolutely no idea what that housekeeper does all day. Perhaps you know now? Then remember this when negotiating Housekeeper Quotes because most housekeepers really do earn their keep.


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