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It never ceases to rain but pour for the Malawi sports fraternity, which not only being hit by back- biting, questionable management and lack of funds, drama seems not to end with the sports personality and their world.
Firstly, it is the decision to cancel an international friendly match, for the men’s football team the flames against Mozambique football team on an internationally recognised date by Fifa.
Suffice to say that Malawi’s Sports Council knew way back of the cancelled game due to financial constraints but it could not relay such a message to the Malawi F.A (FAM).
The Flames are supposed to be preparing for the Orange AFCON (Africa Cup of Nations), qualifier game against Tunisia on 3rd September, and a game such as this would have helped Coach Kinnah Phiri, to know of the weak points that need improvement and concentration.
This is a sign of failure, as such nobody from FAM or any mother body should not lay the blame on the coach or players in the incidence of defeat,
Such is the mediocre encompassing our sports fraternity.

First netball export to New Zealand, the shooting talisman with pace and precision for baskets is another mediocre star who cannot be satisfied with her professional career.
In the just ended Presidential cup final between Bingu Tigresses and Escom Sisters, the New Zealand based star squeezed her way into the starting team of Escom Sisters, regardless of the tantrums thrown tigresses that they would boycott the match if Mwai featured, but to the contrary, she featured and made the most of her talent by helping Escom Sisters triumph over Bingu Tigresses. But the questions still trickle; where in the world can a professional player feature for a competitive match for their previous team?
Who from the Netball Association authorised this?
What do the rules of the game stipulate in such situations?
A lot of unanswered questions still linger as to the mediocre web of rotten administration.
Yet all this is a common place, only and only in Malawi.

After having an unsuccessful spell at Silver Strikers, the tough tackling Flames star has opted to try his luck in a distant continent; Asia.
But wait a minute, Asia of all places could this be a springboard to Europe?
According to sourced information Mr Mwakasungula introduced himself as the Malawi national team “Captain”, when his arrived for trials at a certain Asian club
But is he really the Flames captain, else was it a way of getting it easy.
Whatever his reasons are, fact remains that he is not the Flames captain and such innuendos would take him nowhere.
Shame on you Hellings!
The Asian club is conducting trials for players from Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Malawi.

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