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Piksy launches ‘Maso’ album in style

If it is to rate it, then, Piksy’s ‘Maso’ album launch would be first of its kind this year in the urban music zone to receive awe-inspiring response that justified why the album was bought on auction at K50,000.

And the Saturday turn-out itself justified why Airtel Malawi, without hesitation, signed the artist as its brand ambassador – he is indeed a crowd puller and a force to reckon with on the local music scene.

Robin’s Park in Blantyre was impregnated with feral ecstasy as the patronage that braced the scotching summer sun thronged the multimillion state-of-art hall just to pour-out its support for the star of the moment, born Evance Zangazanga and signed to Nde’feyo Music label.

With Airtel exciting fans with free airtime, plus the enlisted cream of supporting artists that lived up to the billing, the show, at end of it all, was scripted as worth patronised.

Although the show was delayed with an hour, up and coming singer Bucci and Maziko Band kept the audience patient enough, until the first curtain-raiser, Rina singing under CDs got on stage at around 3:00pm, she dished out four songs including her new single ‘Kuzifilafila’.

Then it was Lilongwe-based rising rapper Gwamba, who also performed with a CD and performing for the second time in Blantyre this year, the youthful rhymester gave his fans ‘Sindidanda’, ‘Tikakumane Kumadzi’, ‘Mesa’ and ‘Sindingasiye Bawa’, among others.

But the pitching moments of the show was when the Daredevilz got on stage. The trio of Zeze, Marcus and GD was third on list of curtain-raisers, but the inconceivable response from the crowd was clear manifestation ‘they are darlings of the town’ as they opened their set with ‘We Run the City’ and also dished out ‘Close to you’, ‘Akazi’ and ‘Khala Pansi’.

Right there and then, the show was declared started. Their stage management was up to expectations –it was really what the patronage paid for.

Biriwiri also performed some of its known songs including ‘Pompopompo’, ‘Umaitha’, ‘Iweyo’ and ‘Daily Daily’, before paving way for Lulu who got on stage at exactly 4:00pm amidst eerie of wild screams of the patronage.

Dressed in black and white with a backpack on, the ‘Kumalembe’ star, backed by Nde’feyo’s Maziko Band, went straight into ‘Sindilora’ hit that captivated the already energized crowd before giving out some of his best tracks that included ‘Palibe Bvuto’, ‘Angampeze Ndani’ and ‘Mwachenjera Darling’, among others.

Lulu then Wendy

Lulu paved way for another capital city artist, Wendy Harawa, who, fresh from the Mampi-money scandal, got on stage in red Airtel Nyimbo T-shirt and a dark blue jean bam-short. The R&B/Ragga tune ‘Unalonjeza’ was her opening, before she called Lulu back on stage to do their popular collabo, ‘Sindilichoncho’.

She also did Lucius Banda’s rendition of ‘Amangokhala’ but it was the rumba version of ‘Toto Ndakana’ that unveiled her very best known kwasa-kwasa dancing antics. Flipping off her weave to reveal her dreadlocks, Harawa got wild, jumped onto the dance floor to join the crowds that excitedly cuddled her like a precious treasure.

Wendy bowed out for Armstrong just after giving out fair treat of her trademark kwasa-kwasa dance frolics and Armstrong, another Nde’feyo Music signing, was the other urban curtain-raising artist to perform backed by a band; he did ‘Sinditha Kumvetsa’, ‘Ulendo’, ‘Without your Love’ and ‘Ndamusowa’.

Maso CD Auction

Before the man of the moment, Piksy got on stage the MCs, Mphatso Chaluluka aka Junior C and Fatima Nkata, auctioned the 15-track ‘Maso’ CD with the first CD going at K50,000. Designer Lily Alfonso bought the second CD at K15,000 while the third was taken at K10,000 and the fourth at K7,000.

Alfonso upon receiving her CD from Piksy, promised to dress the artist in his next three shows for free with some of her designs. She told the media in an interview later that she did that to show the public that Malawian artists needed to work together to raise the country’s flag high on the international scene.

Piksy Time

Under bubbles and smoke just as the clock ticked 4:20pm, Piksy, now commonly known as ‘Chimfana Chodziwika ndi Boma’, got hold of the microphone and appeared on stage under jeering of his beloved fans that flocked from all corners of Blantyre city just to witness the much billed show.

In his red golf-shirt and blue jean pants, which was well matched with the red and dark blue pair of shoes, the Afro rapper/singer, never hesitated but to give out what was expected from him, a striking performance that was opened by one of his banging songs ‘Moto’ which was followed by ‘Ponya Mwendo’.

From that time, it was none stop as he dished out the best off the new latest album, with Maziko Backed proving it is becoming one the best live performers on the local scene as they played songs such as ‘Unamata’ and ‘Appetiser’ sounding like one was listening to a CD.

Also performing new songs from the ‘Maso’ album, among them ‘Kuzizira’ and ‘Ndikhoza’ which he features singers Dan Lu and Armstrong, Piksy proved he has now graduated from using CDs and that now he has mastered the art of performing under a live band, which other artists of his kind lack.

“I do appreciate your coming. I don’t take it for granted. Keep on enjoying the moment,” said Piksy as he bowed down after a lengthy performance that also included the popular Airtel ‘Yabooka’ song and ‘Tiponyela Kwakuya’.

Closing down the curtains was the ‘Part of Life’ hit-maker, Dan Lu who was in his usual feat, giving his very best that made the audience ignore the looming darkness that enveloped the skies as time had already passed six o’clock.

Dan Lu and The Rockers Ban did reggae version of his popular songs ‘Part of Life’, ‘Shupie’, ‘Nsanje’ and ‘Mphete’ as well as a rendition n of Zambia’s Dalisoul ‘Osaopa Condom’ to the amazement of the fans.

Though the show started an hour late, it was not disappointing at all as the billed artists sweat-out their lungs out just to enlist themselves for the deserving best performance credit. The turn-out, though, hugely comprised of youngsters, beat the anticipated limit-thus considering the pegged K800 gate fee.

After party

As was the curtain closing at Robin’s Park, somewhere a kilometre away an after-party was about to start at Blue Elephant. The party was conceived to allow imbibers dance the night away with Piksy, now a popular brand in Malawi’s music industry.

At Blue Elephant, the artist also had a surprise performance and he, for the first time dished out new songs such ‘Uncle Short-One’ and ‘Mphongo’, before performing ‘Kuzizira’, ‘Unamata’, Appetiser and another new track ‘Ndikakwiya’ which left the audience asking for an encore and the humble Piksy did not leave his fans disappointed but giving them what they asked for.

Dance-hall artist Blak Jack and rapper Young Kay also found it a pleasure to support Piksy as they jumped on stage to perform ‘Indetu Indetu’ and ‘Zipepese’, respectively. The artist also took time to take photos with his fans and signed autographs on CDs that were sold during the night. ‘Maso’ album is expected to be put on the market across Malawi this week.

According to Nde’feyo Music, they are expected to launch Piksy’s new album in Lilongwe at the end of the month, before taking the artist throughout the country to give an opportunity to his fans to sample out the new tracks.

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