There is a cloud of uncertainty over this year’s Miss Malawi following the news of economic blues which have crippled both the organisers of the pageant Artistic Agency and the Miss Malawi office.

Artistic Agency director Vitu Kamanga confirmed that economic situation is not favourable for his outfit to hold this year’s Miss Malawi pageant unless if there was divine intervention.

“We are just keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that anything can happen between now and December. But to be honest with you, the economic situation has hit us hard,” said Kamanga.

There has been no news from Artistic Agency about the preparations for this year’s Miss Malawi, a development which has stunned the modelling industry and propelled more questions than answers from different quarters.

But Kamanga downplayed any fears of Artistic Agency’s demise following last year’s poor run, which was characterised by last minute drama with its partners Mnena Gaming pulling out of the event.

“The economic challenge has affected the global community in which prospective sponsors are, so, their imminent task is to sustain their businesses before financing other activities. I think it’s a general issue which has not spared any sector of development,” said Kamanga.

However, the financial wounds of Artistic Agency can be recommended to be fresh following its call for funds to aid Miss Malawi’s trip to and from China, where she was reportedly stuck for a while. Susan Mtegha is the reigning Miss Malawi.

As a result of the misunderstanding between Mnena Gaming and Artistic Agency, the latter was compelled to come up with own Miss Warm Heart of Africa in order to honour its pledge of grand prize BMW, which went to the winner Aisha Chiwaula in the inaugural contest held on December 16, 2011 at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe.

Miss Malawi pageant took a new dimension in 2010 when its organisers introduced a grand prize of car with Faith Chibale being the first beauty model to benefit from the new venture when she went away with a Nissan March.

Since then, the spectacle of Miss Malawi pageant has attracted overwhelming response especially from participants, everyone on tenterhooks to drive after a triumph.

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