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11 more models join fashion week competition

The number of contestants for the long-awaited Malawi Fashion Week (MFW) has been increased by 11 more models to its tally for the maiden event scheduled to take place in May.

This follows the second auditions that took place in Lilongwe on Saturday, bringing the total to 38 contestants.

The MFW public relations manager Kimpho Loka confirmed the development and expressed delight at having managed to get on board enough models.

“We are now happy that we have managed to get enough models who are meeting international standards, specifically the 170cm height. Each designer will be showcasing 10 designs, bringing a total of 400 pieces at the Malawi Fashion Week 2013,” Loka said.

He added: “These were follow-up auditions as the organisers saw the need to add more models as the number of models who were selected during the first auditions two weeks ago, was not complementing the number of designers who have applied. Close to 40 designers from Malawi and other countries have registered to participate in this year’s fashion week.”

There are 25 models from outside Malawi who have applied which include Belgium (1), Botswana (11), Gabon (1), Ghana (1), Mozambique (1), South Africa (2), Tanzania (1), United Kingdom (1), Zambia (5) and Zimbabwe (1).

According to Loka, all the local models that have been selected are expected to go into boot camp, called the Malawi Fashion Week College in Lilongwe, which is expected to start on 12 April, 2013 and will run for two weeks.

This will be the first boot camp for the local models and the second one is scheduled to start on May 18, 2013 and will also run for two weeks to the main MFW event. During the second boot camp, the local models will be joined by international models who are expected to be in Malawi by May 18, 2013.

The inaugural Malawi Fashion Week (MFW) is organised by Elegant Resources by Ariana Louise and African Dzuwa and will take place from May 30 to June 03, 2013 at Umodzi Park, President’s Hotel Arena in the capital city.

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