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Madonna pens JB

International pop star Madonna has offered to join hands with President Joyce Banda in any project that supports children in the country.

In a handwritten letter made available  by State House Press Secretary Steve Nhlane, Madonna says she is more than willing to work in any child support project that Banda can find necessary.

In the letter, Madonna is mainly seeking an audience with the President according t o Nhlane, Banda found t h e letter in her office as she was arriving from abroad on Monday around lunch time.

“If you have any time in your very busy schedule to meet that would be great. If not just know I am here to be of service and continue to do what I can to support the children in Malawi! If there is a project you can think of that we can join

efforts on let me know,” reads the letter in part.

Madonna arrived in the country on Monday at 10am.

According to Nhlane Banda is yet to respond to Madonna’s request but said anything is possible since she (Madonna) is still in the country.

In an interview on Tuesday, Madonna’s manager Trevor Nelson indicated that Madonna will be flying out of the country sometime over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Nhlane says there are some reports on the online media alleging that Madonna has snubbed Joyce Banda’s request for a meeting.

According to him, this is not true because it is Madonna who in the first place requested for a meeting with the President.

“Saying that Madonna has snubbed President Banda’s request for a meeting is a lie because in the first place it is Madonna who requested for such a meeting as evidenced by this letter and President Banda is yet to respond to that,” said Nhlane.

In the letter, Madonna started by congratulating Banda for being president of Malawi and further states that she admires her strength and courage.

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