Managing Director of Joyce Banda Foundation Schools, Roy Kachale Banda has said the schools are not a political institution and should not be associated with politics.

Speaking at this year’s graduation at Robins Park in Blantyre, Kachale Banda said he still does not understand why his school was attacked during the anti-government strike, saying the State President Joyce Banda might have founded the school but it is not in any way related to politics.

“Her Excellency [Joyce Banda] established this school way before she rose into any high office, for her, this was a school that will help raise the quality of education in the country  and] that the quality education is affordable to most Malawians.

He stressed that at the school, there are people of different political affiliations and children of other notable political figures from many parties.

Kachale said delivery of education as charity at the school has become a calling for him and most teachers just like it is of the founder.

“At Joyce Banda Foundation, will have a lot of underprivileged children, most are orphans and others cannot manage to pay the school fees, it is because of these children that most of us wake up everyday to work for them, we wake up everyday to provide an education so that they can be independent one day,” he said

In her remarks, the Headmistress of the Secondary section Audrey Mudzengerere said she is happy with the impressive record of the school.

“The school has a good track record, last year 41 of our students qualified for the University of Malawi entrance examinations and in the past three years, we have had a pass rate of 100% for the International Cambridge Examinations and 88% pass rate for the Malawi Nation Examination Board Maned examination,” he said.

Malawi’s First Gentleman, Rt Chief Justice Richard Banda attended the graduation as a Guest of Honour.


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