Let it be put on record that one Seodi Waiti despite claiming to be an activist watched and said nothing when the previous regime of the Mutharikas committed serious atrocities including crimes against humanity on Malawians.

Today Malawians have been emancipated from servitude they were under the leadership of DPP led administration yet Seodi sees nothing positive out of Dr. Joyce Banda’s administration.

It is only one reason that could motivate Miss Seodi to be making funny, childish and unconventional sentiments aimed at degrading the President; The reason is that she has insatiable jealousy for her fellow woman. She cant simply stand it to see Mai Banda pa Chiongolero.

Whatever it is, one thing for sure is that Seodi is a Malawian and it is my prayer that God gives her long life so that she bears witness to Dr. Banda’s triumph in the polls next year.

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