A leaked document from the offices of Joachim Chissano and Thabo Mbeki, retired Presidents of Mozambique and South Africa respectively might not favour Malawi on the Lake Malawi border wrangle, information indicates.

According to sources that have commented in parables for fear of serious reprisals, the leaked documents demand one thing:

“Malawians should rally behind their head of state regardless of their party affiliation so as to defend the land of our fathers.”

Without disclosing a lot, the sources have simply indicated that owing to the nature of corruption and African politics, Malawians ought to understand that they have a moral obligation to protect their national integrity regardless of what the outcome might be.

The two retired presidents were given up to September 30 to come up with a verdict on the Lake wrangle or risk having the matter referred to the International Court of Justice. However, with the news emerging from the two offices, Malawians are to be disgruntled by the decision made by the two former heads of state.

Meanwhile, xenophobic attacks have been reported against Malawians living in Tanzania even though the minister of foreign affairs, Henry Mganda Chiume, has downplayed them as random acts of violence.

DPP President was the first person who spoke tough on the Lake row saying that the issue was non-negotiable. Strangely, his remarks were sensationalized by the state broadcaster MBC who made it appear as though he was agitating for a war. His remarks, nevertheless, were echoed by the MCP president, Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

Ironically, the state president has taken a not clear stand on the issue even in the face of direct confrontation from her Tanzanian counterpart who has even reached the extent of threatening war over the same.

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