Goodall Gondwe, the returnee from resignation of the Democratic Progressive Party, is being rumoured to be the person that will partner with DPP’s Presidential candidate in the 2014 elections, Peter Mutharika.

Reports indicate that Mutharika is the one who persuaded Gondwe to return into active politics so that the two partner in the 2014 elections.

Muitharika expects to garner votes from the Northern region with the support of Gondwe and most Malawians especially now with the economy in tatters.

“As you know, Malawi’s economy was on track that time Gondwe was finance minister, Peter wants to use that as another campaign strategy aside the fact that Goodall is from the North and that will bring him some votes,” said a source.

Critics have, however, slammed the pair as too old to rule Malawi.

The DPP has opted to remain quiet on the issue so far.

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