Soldier Lucius Banda manhandled by irate UDF supporters


The day of the young democrats might just not be over if the events in Mangochi yesterday are anything to go by.

Reports indicate that irate UDF supporters in chilipa,Mangochi where UDF primaries were conducted on Thursday,January 23,2014 had beaten up renowned celebrated and seasoned Musician cum politician Lucius Banda popularly known as soldier.

Lucius Banda was the presiding officer in the primary elections which were held there and when time came to make an announcement of who had emerged the winner,the name of the winner did not impress the supporters as they claim they did not want him and there was no way he could emerge the winner as they opted for the other candidate leaving them with no option with their higher tempers but to beat up Lucius Banda.

Two vehicles were smashed in the process where as Lucius Bandas body guard was beaten up severely leaving him with oozing blood as he wanted to protect Lucius Banda the Presiding officer from these angry and frustrated young democrats.

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