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Sat, 01 Jun 2024 12:00:00 UTC @ BICC Amphitheatre - Winter gig is here on 1st June 2024 With Amapiano Fest at BICC Amphitheatre in Lilongwe. The event will have live music performances by Lady Lady Du and Myztro from South Africa And Zez... More Info

PP blackmails Kachali into staying in the party

The decision which Peoples’ Party (PP) leader, Joyce Banda, has made of leaving out Vice President Khumbo Kachali as a running mate has not only divided the PP’s politburo but as well forced the party to resort into some other means meant to have Kachali within the party ranks so that it appears that all is well within the party.

Reports reaching us indicate that Kachali who is still the country’s Vice President and the only elected Vice President of the Peoples’ Party (PP) after the leaving of Sidik Mia and Cassim Chilumpha has been served with a blackmailing dossier meant at keeping him within the party.

Through the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) Chief, Joseph Aironi, the PP has delivered a Secret Dossier to Khumbo Kachali at his residence in Area 12. This has been done in anticipation of a political storm that may result from Khumbo Kachali’s actions after being snubbed on the position of PP running-mate.

The Dossier contains names of individuals, owners of companies who are willing and have accepted to testify in court on Khumba Kachali’s involvement in the cash-gate crime and how they used to transfer money to the VP. Chief amongst the revelations are names of Officers at Registrar General’s Office, times and processes that were used to change ownership of CROSS MARKETING Ltd COMPANY, to exclude Khumbo Kachali’s name as its owner.

Kachali has not hid his displeasure with the choice of the President but has not said anything on leaving the party though reports indicate that he might just be left with no other option but that.

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