The government through Director of Public Prosecution, Bruno Kalemba has denied reports   in the social media  that the Women  Murdered in  Lilongwe, Daina Kadyanji by unknown thugs is the key witness  in the ongoing  cases of plundering  of public funds at Capitol Hill dubbed Cash gate.

Speaking to a Local radio station in the country, Kalemba  denied the claims.

“We don’t know her. She is not a witness and she has never been a witness in the cash gate cases. In the Savala case she is being referred to; all the witness that have testified are on court records . All the cases that we have taken to court we have made disclosures to the court and the accused person, and disclosures contain witness names …and the person it is referred to is not our witness and has never been our witness.

“We don’t know where the story came from maybe it’s deliberately put to intimidate the witnesses. We don’t know. The state is always mindful of the threats that can sometimes be faced by the witnesses. It is possible she might have been working at the accountant general’s office but there are thousands of people working there and not everyone could be a witness or suspect.

According to the reports  Kadyanji was working in the Accountant General’s office and the Lilongwe police spokesperson Ramsey Mushani confirmed of the death but  was quick to add that there was no indication that indeed she was a witness in cash gate cases.

Former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo who is consider as key witness  in the Cash gate survived from the shooting.

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