The brewery’s Brands Manager (alcoholic) Twikale Chirwa said Carlsberg being part of the game they wanted to accord the consumers a chance to watch the Flames for free.

In the promotion, consumers won the tickets after buying Carlsberg Green beer.

Today open stands tickets will be won at mainstream bars like Zeka in Kanjeza, Grand n Grill, Sport 9 in Mwanza and Rob Wills in Mulanje.
Imbibers stand a chance of winning the tickets if they buy five bottles.

In major retailers like Blantyre and Limbe’s Metro, tickets will be won if a crate is bought.

In outlets such as TJs, Basement, Chez Ntemba consumers stand a chance of winning VIP and Covered Stands tickets.

Chirwa said the promotion was aimed at touching base with imbibers who are also football fans since Carlsberg is also part of the game.

Carlsberg Malawi Breweries are also sponsors of Malawi national team with Carlsberg Green as the official beer of the Flames.

Apart from the national team sponsorship, the company also sponsors Carlsberg Cup and Copa Coca Cola which makes them a biggest football sponsors with a staggering K400 million going towards the sport per year.

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