The Nyau King hits again, this time in collaboration with The Very Best duo alongside Seye Adelekan on a single titled ‘The Beach’ which is a track from Tay Grin’s upcoming album.

The video is set in the beaches of Africa’s third largest lake, Lake Malawi. It carries with it the beauty of Lake Malawi, the warmth of its people and one of Malawi traditional dances ‘Gule wa Mkulu’ with a touch of the Nyau King’s hip-hop skills.

‘A ngoni ndi mowa wawo, ma member akutchila akuponya bawo’ raps Grin, as the Nyau dancers dance along. The music video was produced in collaboration with Essim Shaibu Mbwana of Animal Lab, Johan and Tay Grin.

The music video comes a barely month after the Nyau King’s record-breaking performance in Glasgow celebrating Scotland’s relationship with Malawi, the event featured Mafilika, The Very Best and Scottish musicians Stanley Odd, the event was sponsored by Lake of Stars.

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