A little girl has traveled to Malawi to hand out treats to poverty-stricken children.

Molly Gillies traveled to Africa with her mum Lorraine to volunteer with the charity Mary’s Meals and handed out £500 worth of pencils, paper, toys, teddies and other items to schoolkids.

The pair visited schools and early years centres across the country to see for themselves how the charity helps impoverished youngsters.

Before travelling Molly had collected the items to hand out from classmates at Pumpherston and Uphall Station Community Primary School, pals from fellow Scouts at her 29th Livingston Scouts company and from family and friends.

Lorraine said: “It was very humbling. These children have nothing.

“Molly did really well getting her head around it all. I’m very proud of her. She says she’d now like to do more things for charity.”

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