Police in Karonga have confiscated cartons containing assorted medical drugs at Mwenerondo roadblock during a search of National Bus Service which was coming from Mzuzu city.

Karonga police spokesperson Enock Livason said the confiscated drugs  include  nine cartons of Ethicon Vicryl, eight cartons of Depo-prove contraceptive injection, 25 cartons of Rabies Vaccine, five bottles of Hemocue HB201, one box of precise surgical suture, 40 boxes of ww-Quinin injection ant-Malaria, and four packets of Amoxiline capsule.

“It was on Sunday afternoon when National Bus was passing through our Mwenerondo roadblock central part of Karonga in the area of paramount chief Kyungu. When we tried to enquire about the owner of the carton, no one replied and as of now we are just keeping the medicines at the station while doing our investigations to trace the owner,” said Livason.

Livason further explained that he could not give the value of the medicine they are keeping “because we depend on our friends at the hospital to tell us the value but they fail to cooperate most of time when we call them.”

According to Karonga Station Officer Almakio Daka said the police have difficulties with medical experts in the district as they do not show up when called to give the value of the confiscated medical drugs.

“We have four cases of medicine which we confiscated in huge quantity in just two months but we are yet to know the value of the medicines because our friends at the district hospital fail to respond most of times with no valid reasons,” said Daka.

He said the failure to respond to their call affects their work.

Karonga District Hospital spokesperson Christopher Singini said they will discuss the matter with the management to see how they can solve the problem.

“We have heard the complaint but as officials from the hospital we are not at ransom to give out medical value in cases like these unless the medicine are government medicines,” said Singini.

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