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How a Woman Can Get Pregnant As a Virgin

The battling question in the mind of young people most times is “Can you get pregnant without having s-e-x?” or “Can you get pregnant as a virgin?” The answer to this is YES of course you can.

Lol you are now thinking what a “Virgin Mary” thought is that, her case is different and this will be explained in this context as per researches and findings by Editor of

To start with, virginity in female is generally accepted as far as the h-y-m-e-n is not yet broken, though virgins are those who never have s-e-x-u-a-l intercourse but s-e-x alone has different types so a woman who broke her h-y-m-e-n herself without any p-e-n-i-l-e penetration is not considered a virgin.

Alright, how on earth can a woman be pregnant while she’s still a virgin (Hy-men is till intact) and she’s not Virgin Mary?

You do not have to have s-e-x-u-a-l intercourse to be impregnated. Spe-rm can swim up the vagina if they are strong enough. The chances are, of course, much less likely but it’s still possible. If you are concerned about being pregnant, you should take a home pregnancy test (available over the counter at any drug store) or speak with your doctor. You can also search on-line for a woman’s health facility, but first make sure you are fully informed before you make any decisions and don’t rush into anything. 

If se-men gets on or in your va-gina, yes, it is possible to get pregnant when you are a virgin. Remember though, Virgin is a slippery word. Can you get pregnant without s-e-x? Yes. As for the virgin Mary, her case is quite a bit different as she was carrying a child and had never experienced anything se-xua-lly or been in contact with sperm. Instead it was divine intervention, something nowadays that will be extremely hard to claim and might land you in an institute (perhaps psychiatric institute). 

You can get pregnant if sp-erm enters the va-gina. However, if you are dry humping, and the guy is wearing clothing, there are little chances though it is more likely to lead to s-e-x or other activities which can cause pregnancy. It is best to not allow the outside of your va-gina to have contact with spe-rm, as some spe-rm may get inside, but the chances of it reaching an egg in that case are still slim. There are millions of sperm released with each ejacu-la-tion and less than one hundred will even make it to the egg, even after ejacu-la-tion inside the va-gina. So you can see that contact on the outside would be VERY unlikely to lead to a pregnancy, but not impossible. You may think, “Oh, it won’t happen to me/us,” but it happens! It only takes ONE spe-rm. 

To sum it up, just because there was not any peni-le penetration that does not mean you cannot get pregnant. If a males pre-ejacu-late or ejacu-late came in contact with your va-gina at all, you have a chance of becoming pregnant. This includes his seminal fluids on either of your hands touching the va-gina as well. 

Artificial Insemination 
How about artificial insemination: In humans artificial insemination is usually part of an infertility treatment; either the woman’s partner’s sperm (artificial insemination by husband, AIH) or donor sperm (artificial insemination by donor, AID) can be used. 

If you get any sperm on your vagina, then it is possible to get pregnant. If you’re having sex for the first time, the fact that you were a virgin doesn’t make any difference to your chances of getting pregnant. If you don’t have sex and you don’t get any sperm on your vagina, then, no, you can not get pregnant. 

If the man ejaculated on and not in the woman’s vagina, the sperm would have a very low chance of getting inside. 

A Young Woman’s Testimony:
Yes it is possible because I’m a virgin, 19 years old and I’m 3 months pregnant. There was no penetration whatsoever. When I Went to the hospital and was told I was pregnant it was very shocking for me. The doctors said the chances were very slim and that it was a miracle. 

Yes, it can happen. Just because there wasn’t penetration doesn’t stop the fact that some sperm could have got into the vagina. Sperm can live up 24 hours or more once inside the woman’s body. The only way to not be a virgin is if there was penetration. The chances of this are *extremely* slim but possible. 

Depends on what the other things are. If you are partly or totally na-ked and his pe-nis gets near your vagi-na, there is a chance you can get pregnant. You can get pregnant from pre-ejacu-late, which happens before the guy fully ejacu-lates, and neither of you will probably know it happens. If you are just masturbating each other, then you are fine. Just don’t get spe-rm anywhere near your vagi-na, or a hand that had spe-rm on it. Also, getting pregnant a week before your period is hard to say. Everyone ovulates at different times. And you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating, but remember sperm can survive inside the fallopian tubes for over 24 hours, so timing is everything. 

If you had an-al s-e-x and the spe-rm touched your vagi-na it is possible to get pregnant. You get pregnant when egg and sperm meet. The egg is released at ovulation and travels down the fallopian tube, through the uterus, and out. Spe-rm can live a short time in the uterus, thus you can get pregnant if the spe-rm is there to meet the egg on the way down. Similarly, the egg’s travel takes a short while, so you can get pregnant if the egg is there to meet the spe-rm. But no egg, no pregnancy. It is not particularly difficult to tell when you are ovulating or getting ready to, the cervical mucus is more abundant, clear, and stringy. You can tell because the mucus looks glassy and is very stretchy. This mucus allows the sperm to swim freely. On non fertile days when there is no egg there, the mucus is scanty, cloudy, and tacky. You can tell the difference on toilet paper if you pay attention. You get semi fertile mucus for a few days before you ovulate, to assist sperm in getting past the cervix and into the womb. You can have fertile mucus more than once in your cycle, but it is usually just on your peak day since it’s rare to ovulate more than once a month. 
In young women (under 20) the pre- ovulation part of the cycle is particularly irregular because the body is still “getting into the groove” of ovulating and menstruating. Sometimes you even ovulate during your period. The post ovulation part is pretty constant at 14 days. 

If you avoid making love during the fertile mucus times and for three days afterwords, you can, in most cases avoid pregnancy. Alternatively, if you want to get pregnant, those days are your best bet. 


This question has brought many conflicting answers which may only make it more confusing.

To sum this up, it would look like, Yes, you can get pregnant whilst still a virgin, but under the very unlikely circumstances that spe-rm managed to enter your va-gina and reach the egg you had just produced. This would be almost a miracle but still humanly possible.


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