The government of Malawi through Ministry of Health (MoH) has rescinded its decision of not recruiting 51 recently graduated medical doctors for what it called financial constraints rocking the country.

MoH Spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe confirmed of the development in an interview with one of the local daily paper in the country, saying officials from the ministry, Department of Human Resource Management and Development (DHRMD) and Treasury held a meeting and decided to reverse the decision.

“Treasury has agreed that they should be offered contracts and funding will be identified. Ministry of Health does not know where the funding will come from,” he said.

Earlier this week, Medical Doctors Union (MDU) and Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) jointly issued a statement threating to go on strike if the government will stick to its gun.

The Doctors accused government of displaying lack of seriousness in dealing with challenges rocking the health sector.

The two bodies observed that Malawi is the only country that perpetually failing to meet the target of 23 doctors/10,000 population necessary to deliver essential health services.

Meanwhile Treasury Spokesperson Nations Msowoya has maintained that government has no fund to take on board the new doctors and nurse/midwives.

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