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Man succeeds in second suicide after diving into Shire River

The problems yet to be known have forced a man to dive into Shire River, in Tengani, Nsanje  on Saturday afternoon.

According to Police Station Criminal Investigations Officer Assistant Superintendent, John Timbenao has identified the victim as Clement Kashoti of Chokolo village, Traditional Authority (TA) Tengani in  the district.

Timbenao established that the man was traveling with others on a Canoe heading to Mozambique when he internationally grasped the opportunity to commit suicide by jumping into running water of Shire River.

The Nsanje Police has also disclosed that the body of deceased is not yet recovered, but they believe he committed suicide.

Other reports show that the man was ever rescued from his first suicide attempt, but on the second, people in a boat failed to get a wind of in in advance.

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