Man’s private parts found in Fish stomach

A group of fisherman made a CRAZY discovery off the coast in Tampa, Florida. The group caught a large YELLOWFIN TUNA – and when they went to clean out the fish’s guts – they were shocked at what they found.

Here is how it is being reported in the Florida Sun Post:

Mr Masterson recalls how he peeled back the flesh before making a terrible discovery. “Inside the fish’s stomach was an awful sight. There was no mistaking that I was looking at a man’s penis and testicles.”

The other fisherman and captain of the vessel gathered around and were equally shocked. “I’ve been operating fishing charters for 20 years,” said the captain, “and I’ve seen some strange things, but nothing like this.”

The group decided to return to shore immediately, and delivered their gruesome catch to the authorities, who are currently investigating. One source familiar with the matter, who declined to make a formal statement, said that “it is possible a murder victim was [dumped off Tampa Bay], and the fish could have eaten his genitals.”

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