The weird South African acted in crazy way as  one measure to raise awareness!

Malawians were astound at Kamuzu International airport as they accompanied by a naked man who also wanted to board a plane back to his home land, South Africa.


It was weird and funny, but  travelers as this one, you definitely don’t want them next to you on a plane. Having somebody half naked, sitting next to you while thighs touching you, you can jump and shout hell no!!.

But South Africa ignore all thoughts to be denied to be somebody’s neighbour, he then took that risk to get on the plane.

The photos surfaced on social media  on Tuesday with explanations ranging from “he smoked Malawian hemp” to “the man said it was very hot”.south-african-speedo-malawi-airport-1

The truth, however, is much simpler. He was doing it for charity.

Mad swimmer – a charity involved with daring swimming challenges to raise funds for children – said:

“While we take our swims rather seriously, and we definitely take the charities we support very seriously, sometimes our fundraising efforts have a lighter side!“One of our Lake Malawi swimmers – Greig Bannatyne – raised an additional R30,000 for the cause by travelling home to SA in his Speedo!There were a few (official) issues along the way, but Greig, you’re our true hero!”south-african-speedo-malawi-airport-3

Greig and his fellow swimmers paddled 20km across Lake Malawi to raise funds for a charity in the country. The results were mixed, ranging from people saying that it’s a shame these tactic have to be resorted to raise funds while others called it “public indecency”.south-african-speedo-malawi-airport-4

The charity, however, supported him and said they stand by his actions. The tight cozzie was simply done for a dare and to raise some awareness around the cause.

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