Prophet Hara is crook: Caught several time in marital disloyalty, twisted it, remain unchanged


Infidel Prophet Justice Hara has managed to twist the story that has gone viral on social networks and other media that he had extramarital affairs with Yamikani Twaya of Lilongwe and that he is spoiling a 23-year South African woman Lebo Nemasiwana .

Nyasatimes on 28 November, 2016 published a story in which Hara was accused of being in a relationship with a South African woman, Lebo Nemasiwana.

The reports have indicated that Hara who has been abandoning his flock to tender to the needs of the South African woman has bought a R6 million mansion (K316 million) for the lady.

Malawian woman based in South Africa, Yamikani Twaya also disclosed that she has been involved in a relationship with the man of God. And the woman leaked screenshots of lewd conversations he had with Bushiri’s right hand man.


However, the publication did not last long on Nyasatimes’ page, it was deleted, and then on 1 December, 2016, they published another that depicted positive side.

‘Prophet Hara rejects sex immorality: ‘Cheap blackmail and smear used by devil’ reads a title

The question remains, why they deleted the first one?

Prophet Hara is crook who  never learns, last year, he also made headlines when he was beaten to near death over having a secret affair with a married woman who was also Church member.

However, the claims were denied again by prophets, said they were robbers.

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