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Listeria Outbreak: Lawyers Invite Listeria Victims to Sue

Following the deaths of 180 people and several others hospitalized due to listeria outbreak in South Africa, lawyers have invited victims of the outbreak to sue the owner of the factory named as the source where the listeria bacteria originated from.

Tiger Brands was said to have brought listeriosis

According to New24, Attorney Richard Spoor has confirmed that his film would file a class action suit against Tiger Brands which was named as a company which brought in the listeria bacteria through its meat products.

Spoor said if the litigation comes to its successful level, tens of million dollars could be given to the victims and also the families of the said 180 people which were killed by listeria.

South Africa registered 948 cases of people suffering due to listeria while 180 people died due to listeriosis, a disease which is caused by bacteria which can contaminate fresh food especially meat.

Just this week, Namibia has also recorded a listeriosis case which involves a 41-year-old man who is said to be battling for his life in hospital due to the disease.

Malawi and other countries surrounding South Africa banned any meat product imported from South Africa in fear of the disease.

Last week, Malawi Bureau of Standards had started inspections aimed at removing imported meat and meat products from all shops in the country.

In its earlier statement, MBS said it would also be impounding all meat products at all the country’s border posts to prevent the entry of the disease into Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa.

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