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Kenyan Woman on the Run after Chopping Off Hubby’s Manhood

Police in Kenya are looking for a woman who has gone into hiding after she allegedly chopped off her husband’s private parts with a knife as he slept.

the victimized husband

The 45 year old man, identified as Godfrey Namale told Nairobinews that he had just returned home from after a night out in the neighborhood.

The couple who resides in Crescent estate in Mukuru-Kaiyaba slums in Nairobi have been married for 20 years.

Mr Namale, who is a handcart puller, says that he was awoken by excruciating pain on his private parts on Thursday night last week.

He narrated that when he asked his wife why she had done what she did, she only begged for forgiveness.

According to a neighbor who rushed him to the hospital, they found him wreathing in pain and he didn’t look good.

He says that Namale was treated and discharged but still his private part does not look good.

The neighbours said that the couple have a history of domestic quarrels. The incident has was reported to the police as the suspected went into hiding.

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