Vice President and leader of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) Saulos Chilima on Sunday promised to establish the K40 billion loan fund targeting the youth, women and people living with disabilities when voted in power next year.

He made the remarks during a political rally at Ntcheu Secondary School ground.

Chilima said the loan fund is part of one million jobs he is promising to create in his first year in office. He said it will benefit 200 000 people who will go on to create new jobs through small scale businesses.

He urged Malawians to embrace mindset change to stop doubting their capacity to excel and reject leaders who want to push them down.

On public reforms, he promised to reform State produce company Admarc by ensuring that it gets funding ontime to buy crops from farmers ontime. With a reformed Admarc, Chilima is hopeful that new jobs will be created.

Speaking on agriculture, he said his administration will establish mega farms to ensure food security and produce for export.

He also plans to give power to the Office of the Vice President to put a stop to abuses the vice presidents faces from the sitting presidents. He added that the powers will ensure that vice presidents resides at Mthunthama State Lodge unlike the situation now.

On State security institutions, he said he will reform Police, MDF and Immigration to stop the slaverly police officers go through along the roads waiting for the president to pass.

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