Leader of opposition and president of MCP Lazarus Chakwera is counting the UTM party leader Vice-president Saulos Chilima and the People’s Party (PP) the former president Joyce Banda to discuss about the possible electoral alliance to fight 21 May, 2019 Tripartite Elections against the ruling party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lead by the president Peter Muthalika and his collaborator United Democratic Front (UDF)

The issue will be whether the parties can agree to choose one candidate before the turning point 2019 elections without any damages.

The MCP spokesperson Reverend Maurice Munthali confirmed that Chakwera has been having “discussions” with the leaders of PP and UTM. Munthali then said that, the talks are yet to reach its advance stage.

“But at this time moment, we cannot point out a possible electoral partnership with one or both of the parties.” he said

Munthali said MCP led by Chakwera stands for “national-building and not individualistic attitudes.” The MCP party will discuss the possible electoral partnership during its next National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting

The PP Spokesman Jackson Kalaile Banda confirmed the talks of electoral agreements, saying there are other parties being persuaded to band together.

Kalaile said” PP executive meeting will also discuss the matter.” He then said, there leader Banda is currently out of the country on a tour in Rwanda and Kenya and she will return soon, PP will “Hit the ground”

UTM spokesman Joseph Chidanti Malunga said their newly registered party is getting ready for the national convention and the electoral agreements are always possible.

The Ipor survey shows that DPP is likely to win the May 2019 elections with a stronger base in the southern region, followed by the MCP in the Central Region and then UTM in the Northern Region.

Governance commentator Henry Chingaipe said the survey results were within the reasonable expectations of the electoral outcomes.

Chingaipe said UTM was a force reckon with considering that they have been able to mobilise more support than UDF and PP

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