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Woman Burns Husband and his Girlfriend to Death after he Busted them Making Love

A 50-year-old woman in Ghana has been dragged to court for allegedly burning to death her husband and his girlfriend after he busted them them making love.

the suspect

The facts of the case as presented in the court are that, for some time now, the suspect Theresa Nkrumah realised that her husband with whom she had three children, was flirting with another woman named Akosua Tiwaa and quarreled with them on several occasions but their relationship persisted.

Around 12:05 a.m. on December 13, 2018, while her husband Emmanuel Kwame Osam and Tiwaa were fast asleep in the former’s family house, fire suddenly engulfed the bedroom through a window after an unidentified person had poured petrol into the room and lit a match to it.

When they tried to escape, the deceased persons detected that the door to the hall had been locked with red padlock so they started screaming for help.

As their scream attracted people in the house and broke into the room, they realised that the two persons were badly burnt so they rushed them to a nearby Government Hospital.

Tiwaa died immediately when she reached the hospital while Osam was treated and was referred to another hospital for specialist attention the following day.

Unfortunately he also died while there.

A report was made to Police and Nkrumah was arrested  while she was doing business at the market.

It is said, while Osam was being sent to the hospital, he repeated several times that it was his wife, Nkrumah who had burnt them.

Meanwhile, the police have intensified their investigations into the matter.

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