One of the country’s comedians Andireya Thonyiwa populary known as Mr. Jokes has dismissed the rumour going through social media that he has died in a road accident.

“Untrue, that people are publicized my un-occur death saying I have died in a road accident,” Jokes explain through his facebook page.

Jokes adds that he is in good condition despite the rumours, and nothing bad has happened to him.

“People don’t please play with your friends’ life and this bad behaviour.
And you should also stop publicizing fake news.”

“How do you benefit when you publish fake news? Maybe you get sent by someone to do this? Why do you play with other’s life?” He ask

Jokes say every personal life is guided by God and people should stop acting nonsense as only Him knows time for everybody.

“I’m very concerned with you guys. God who knows to Judge should do this between you and I.”

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