Angry Mob Kills Man after he Murdered his Wife in Chikwawa

A man in Chikwawa has been killed by angry mob as a revenge after he allegedly strangled his wife to death.

Chikwawa police station public relations officer, Foster Benjamin confirmed of the incident and said it occurred on Thursday.

“George Chankhwalala murdered wife Vaida Kaitano, both aged 52, in a fight over unknown issues,” Benjamin said.

He continued saying the incident took place at Chankhwalala village in Senior Chief Chapananga in the district.

“Chankhwalala, a son to the village head, is said to have argued with his spouse leading to a fight. He strangled the wife to death before rushing out to inform his friend about the murder. On his way back, Chankhwalala fell into the hands of an irate mob who bayed for his blood,” said Benjamin.

The angry villagers stabbed him to death in a revenge attack.

Police and medics from Gaga Health Centre got to the scene and the latter conducted an autopsy.

Results showed that the wife died of strangulation while the husband succumbed to stab wounds and severe loss of blood.

Police have condemned the acts of mob justice saying people shouldn’t take the law into their own hands in dispersing justice.

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