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Meet the 10 richest actors in the world 2020

In the world today, the entertainment industry has lot’s of talented individuals who have turned into millionaires just for displaying there talent on the television screen.

According to Forbes list.

We will be look at the top most richest actors in the world, there net worth as well as some of their possessions:

10 Will Smith:

Will smith is an American based actor, producer and rapper who is believed to be one of the richest black celebrities in the world in 2020

NET WORTH : $350 million dollars

Will smith estimated pay for his performance in men in black 3, was around 100 million dollars out of the 624 million dollar profit.

Will smith along with his wife purchased a stake in the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers in 2011.

9 Keanu Reeves:

Keanu Reeves has showcased his talent in great movies such as the matrix, John Wick franchise, point blank, devils advocate where he earned millions in most prominent movies

Net worth: 350 million dollars

He is also believed to be in business with a LA for the Arch motorbike company. He owns two Ferraris ( 488 GTB and a California T).

8 Anorld Schwarzenegger:

Best known for his role in the” the terminator ” which has been a great landscape for his success. He became the governor of California from 2003- 2011.

Net worth: $400 million dollars.

He also owns an M47 Paton tank.

7 Sylvester Stallion:

From the Rocky series, which was a very profitable franchised featured Sylver Stallion as an underdog fighter and who later went on to win the world heavyweight championship twice. He was also the main character in the Rambo series.

Net worth : $400 million

He also owns the company called the sly waters.

6 Jack Nicholson:

Jack Nicholson, the shinning star impressed people with his acting skills in various movies and its no wonder he ranks so high in the Hollywood richest list.

Net worth :$ 415 million dollars

5 George Clooney:

A very dedicated actor according to his friends and fellow actors in Hollywood. George is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood . he owns the tequila company called Casamigos which was later sold off for a staggering $700 Milton dollar.

Net worth: $ 420 Million dollars

4 Mel Gibson:

The New York based film director, producer and actor is mostly known for his performance in the movies of ” we were soldiers, and brave heart.” He owns an entire island in the pacific ocean near Fiji- Mago

Net worth: $420 million dollars

3 Tom Cruise:

The three time Golden globe award winner has enough money to cover several generations after him. He participated in several movies such as mission impossible, top gun, rain man, edge of tomorrow etc. In 2020, he is currently among the highest paid celebrities in the world. He is believed to own the best private jet amongst his peers.

Net worth: $570 million dollars

2 Shan Rukh Khan:

Nicknamed the ” the king of Bollywood “. Shan Rukh Khan has earned much more than just titles beating most prominent Hollywood stars to the list. He featured in so many outstanding Indian movies like koyla. His sea facing mansion in the heart of Mumbai Mannat is worth over 28 million dollars

Net worth: 600 Million dollars

1 Jerry Seinfeld:

You may be surprised that he is in the list and our number one right?

Jerry Seinfeld the creator of the iconic sitcom is the latest richest actor In the world today .his comedy collection received a staggering $1 million dollars profit per episode.

He owns about 150 cars in which 45 are porches and he built a $1.4 million dollars garage for his porche collection.

Net worth :$ 750 million dollars

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