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Guy Buys Girlfriend A Congratulations Cake For Farting In Front Of Him For The First Time

A hilariously sweet boyfriend recently bought his girlfriend a cake to congratulate her. The occasion wasn’t a new job, a promotion at work, or a graduation. In fact, it was because after three years together, 24-year-old Ryan McErlean’s girlfriend Kaylie Warren finally farted in front of him for the first time. It’s a miracle.


1. TO BE FAIR, KAYLIE’S WIND-BREAKING WAS ACCIDENTAL.Ryan got her a cheesecake inscribed with the message “Took you 3 years – Congratulations for finally farting” in swirled icing. However, Kaylie didn’t finally get over herself and embrace her humanity, she accidentally let a little one rip while in bed one night.

2. YOU HAVE TO WONDER IF IT REALLY WAS ON PURPOSE, THOUGH.The couple, who are from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, always said that if Kaylie ever did fart, he would buy her something sweet. A cake wasn’t necessarily the only choice, but it was a pretty good one!

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4. RYAN HAS BEEN FARTING ALL ALONG.As he admitted, “With me, it was like three hours, or maybe a matter of days. But Kaylie is more polite when it comes to that sort of thing, so maybe a month or two into our relationship when I hadn’t heard one yet I said it to assure her it was alright to do – it was to break the ice.” He went on to say that he was shocked it took Kaylie so long to do it. “Three years of extreme reluctance and denial later, she finally slipped up,” he said. “I spent $40 AUD on the cake and Kaylie started laughing when she saw it, she thought it was incredible.”

5. THIS IS PRETTY RELATABLE, AFTER ALL.While you should always feel comfortable to be yourself with your partner, farts and all, it makes sense that some traditional (or untraditional) milestones are a little tougher to reach than others. “It’s something everything can relate to as a couple – everyone has a weird milestone they cherish or fulfill, it’s a little bond they have that makes it special,” Ryan said. What better way to commemorate that than with a cake!

6. KAYLIE’S FART WAS MET WITH “PURE SURPRISE AND JOY.”According to Ryan, it was so loud that it woke her up in the middle of the night and she originally tried to blame it on the dog before admitting it was her. He knew then that he had to get her a cake, but he was too embarrassed to tell the baker the message he wanted and had to write it down. “When I bought the cake the guy in the shop was surprisingly chilled about it, said he’d had weirder requests,” he recalled. “But I wrote it down instead of saying it because there were other people in the shop and I was afraid of strange looks.”

7. BOTTOM LINE? FART IN FRONT OF YOUR PARTNER.You might get a cake out of it. And if you don’t, you certainly should, even if it’s not the first time.


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