By Robert Kumwenda

Step Kids Awareness (STEKA), an organization that cares and support street children has appealed for help from well-wishers to assist the organization as most of its operations have been affected due to the impact of COVID 19.

Godknows Maseko, one of the founding members for the organization said since the day the State President ordered closure of schools due the threat posed by the pandemic on 23 March 2020, the organization immediately imposed a lockdown meaning no one is allowed to move.

“We rely on charity activities, now that people are not moving and meetings are not taking place this has affected us a lot hence the reason we are asking for well-wishers to come to our rescue,” he said.

Maseko said they also rely on travel and events management where they do small businesses saying that now that they are not renting out cars, chairs and other equipment they have they are not generating any income.

“It is also our plea to parents and everyone as the country prepares for fresh presidential elections to elect leaders who have the well fare of people especially those that are marginalized at heart,” he said.

He said now what they are doing is to go to companies and organizations to ask for a little they can help as they have no other option.

Currently, the organization is looking after 74 children where thirteen are at the University, twenty are in secondary schools, thirty four in primary schools and six in nursery schools.

STEKA started in 2007.

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