This year’s 10th anniversary of the Sand Music Festival was brought to a standstill due to heavy rains that poured on Saturday night which saw international acts Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz and Master KG from the Rainbow Nation South Africa failing to perform.

Earlier before the rains disrupted, there was power problem which resulted into malfunctioning of the sound equipment, some local musician including Skeffa Chimoto nearly failed to perform luckily, they used a small stage.

In an interview, TnT Entertainment which is supplying sound, while other companies are supporting in various ways, says yesterday’s incident has been dealt with accordingly.

“The genset we tried to use was not correctly connected. It produced a very high voltage, which ended up blowing all the 14 Line Array Speakers. So the show wouldn’t continue,” said the company’s boss, Vitta Chirwa.

Writing on his Facebook page, Banda apologized to the people and promised to resume business in the morning.

“Earlier in the night, heavy rains disrupted the festival and brought it to a halt. As such, we were unable to continue with the show as the music equipment was heavily soaked,” said Banda.

He further assured people that the event will take shape starting from 9 am on Sunday and that the two international artist Diamond and Master KG will perform later in the day of which they failed to honor the promise.

Upon seeing that the said time nothing as happening angry people started pelting stones to the stage demanding the performance of Diamond Platforms.

Sand Music Festival founder Lucius Banda has once again apologized for delays in restarting the event saying they are waiting for the arrival of equipment to replace what was damaged yesterday.

Meanwhile, the situation is calm after Banda assured the audience that the event will restart anytime soon.

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