A Nigerian surgeon narrates how a police officer shot his patient, 14-year-old girl, four times after she was sent by her grandma to get her something right across the hospital.

The Nigerian surgeon, Dr Orungbeja, with the username, El Cerebri, on Twitter has narrated one of his patients got caught with Police chasing hoodlums in front of the hospital.

The surgeon said the girl hid herself quickly behind a shop on the street as she saw what was happening.

unfortunately, the police office saw her and reportedly fired four shots into the girl.

in his words;

“My patient, 14yr old girl, sent by grandma to buy something just outside was caught in between policemen chasing hoodlums. She went to hide herself behind a shop in the street, policeman found her there and shot her 4 times!

That’s 4 times at a 14yr old obviously harmless, defenseless and armless innocent civilian. I need the most creative curse for this police man wherever he is.”

Fortunately, the surgeon reportedly tweeted that the girl is alive and now in stable condition following the gunshots

his tweet

“She’s very stable now, she was very lucky”

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