The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has dismissed complaints filed by United Transformation Movement (UTM) Party candidate Frank Mwenifumbo of Karonga Central Constituency saying his arguments lacked merit.

After the by-elections on November, 10 UTM’s Mwenifumbo filed a complaint arguing that the elections were not free and fair at the same time questioning the credibility of the polls.

Mwenifumbo further alleges that Malawi Congress party (MCP) candidate Leornad Mwalwanda was not qualified to contest as Member of Parliament for he was not registered in the constituency.

Responding to the allegations leveled by Mwenifumbo, MEC through its chairperson Justice Chifundo Kachale said it was not correct that Mwalwanda was not eligible to contest as a parliamentarian in the by-elections.

According to Justice Kachale, the country’s Constitution Section 51 (1) (c) does not say that the person should be registered in the constituency s/he is contesting from.

“A person shall not be qualified to be nominated or elected as a member of parliament unless that person is registered as a voter in a constituency,” Malawi Constitution Section 51 (1) (c) reads.

Responding to the ruling by MEC, Mwenifumbo has said he will take position regarding the matter very soon and communication will be made.

“I have just received a response from MEC regarding my complaints over the elections as below. I will be taking a position and share with you in due course. Thank you all for support,” Mwenifumbo said.

Meanwhile, MEC has declared Mwalwanda a winner of the by-elections reclaiming the position of his uncle Cornelius Mwalwanda who died earlier this year after he succumbed to Coronavirus.

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