Woman Spends £20k On Head-To-Toe Tattoos Including On Her Genitals

A tattoo-obsessed woman has spent nearly £20,000 – on covering herself in ink from head to toe.

Julia Nuno, 32, got her first piece when she was 18, but in the last three years, has dedicated a total of 234 hours getting a full body suit. Think morph suit but a lot more expensive, time consuming and painful.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

The residential carer, from California, US, has splurged £19,530 ($25,930) so far, covering every inch of her skin from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

Despite concerns from her family, the ink-addict even had her genital area tattooed earlier this month in Texas, and has plans to get her face – the last remaining untouched space – covered in geometric flowers.

Julia said: “It’s taken me quite a while, I started getting tattooed as soon as I was old enough. Collecting them came a bit for me, it’s only over the last few years that I have been going constantly.

“I started out small with a hibiscus flower on my chest but it just ended up growing. I had no intention of collecting or getting a suit but somewhere down the line I just decided to go all the way. Now I can’t stop.”

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

The tat lover admits it’s the sessions and process of getting the work done that keeps her going back, adding she usually lets the artist choose the design.

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