One of the country’s Human Rights organization under the banner Youth and Society (YAS) has spoken against the government’s decision to hire Tony Blair Institute (TBI).

The remarks are a response to the announcement made by the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) that the TBI will come in the country to provide technical expertise to the Tonse Alliance administration.

The development received negative reactions as social commentators protested the idea of having TBI in the country saying it cost tax payers money a lot.

However, the TBI through its Twitter account has denied receiving money from Malawi government maintaining that they will be providing the services free of charge.

However, State House’s Director of Communications Sean Kampondeni said that the TBI will be discharging its duties in the country at no cost.

In a press briefing, YAS’s Executive Director Charles Kajoloweka, described the decision to hire TBI as an institute to the presidency adding that it will show that the president does not believe in the country’s institutions and says it defeats the current goals of Public sector reforms.

“This is an embarrassment, it clearly indicates that the president is not believing in himself. We do not need someone to tell us our problems, we know them and we believe this government will do it, unless you tell Malawians that the reforms are not impactful,” said Kajoloweka.

Kajoloweka has further demanded that government should abort with immediate effect the hiring of TBI, saying it is a clear declaration of mediocrity.

Other social commentator have said that the hiring of the former Prime Minister of Britain will interfering with the reforms imposed by the office of the country’s Vice president.

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