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Thieves Break Into Chilima’s Office

On Sunday night, thieves broke into the office of the vice president Saulos Chilima at Capital Hill in Lilongwe.

Pilirani Phiri, spokesperson for the vice president confirmed of the development adding that they got away with CPUs from the office of Director of Administrations.

“Indeed the office of the Director of Administration (DA) was broken into on the night of Sunday February 20, where a computer monitor, central processing unit (CPU) and a radio were stolen. The burglars also went away with another CPU belonging to the DA’s Secretary,” Phiri said.

“If you are familiar with the Office of the Vice President at Capital Hill, it has two wings. The first wing has offices of the Vice President and the Principal Secretary (PS). The other wing houses the office of the DA, Special Assistants to the Vice President and the entire administration personnel,” he added.

Police are yet to speak on the matter.

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Flora Mitumba
Flora Mitumba

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