A man from Horongondo Village in Gokwe has been dragged to Chief Mkoka’s traditional court after he was caught having sex with his daughter-in-law.

faceofmalawi has established that Tobias Chiyangwa (37) who works in Kwekwe got the shock of life on Thursday last week after he found his stepfather, Levious Mataire (47), bonking his wife Moreblessing Chuma (28).

On the day of the incident, Tobias fell ill at work and decided to go home without informing his family that he was coming home.

He arrived home at around 2.30 am and headed straight to his bedroom hut intending to take a nap since he was not feeling well.

However, upon entering his bedroom, he got the shock of his life when he busted his stepfather Mataire and his wife busy romping on their matrimonial bed.

According to a family insider, who spoke to B- Metro on condition of anonymity, Chiyangwa who was in a state of shock, didn’t do anything to his wife or stepfather after catching them red-handed in the act as he wasn’t feeling well.

“It was sad after he caught his stepfather having sex with his wife Moreblessing. His stepfather tried to flee, but it was too late as he had already seen him. He did not do anything to them since he was not feeling well,” said the family insider.

Ashamed about what she had done, Moreblessing fled and went to her parent’s house. Before she fled, she left a letter of apology under the pillow of their matrimonial bed.

“After being caught, Moreblessing failed to face her husband and has since fled to her parent’s home in Gweru,” said the family source.

When contacted for a comment Chiyangwa said he is still in a state of shock as he still can’t fathom what his stepfather and wife did.

He revealed that he has since reported the issue to Chief Mkoka who is already presiding over the case.

Chief Mkoka confirmed the incident which happened in his village saying;

“We are handling a matter of infidelity where a man was caught having sex with his daughter-in-law. If he is found guilty he would be fined three cattle for sleeping with his daughter-in-law and would be ordered to buy a new bed for his stepson,” he said.

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