10 Cities That Its Women Love ‘Doing It’


S_x is no longer just an act of enjoyment, but it has become part of our health regime.

While many s_xologists have agreed that humans need to have regular s_x to keep themselves healthy and happy, this has become more apparent with women, as stats continue to reveal that they are engaging in more s_xual activities than their male counterparts.

According to UK publication Red-Online, more and more women globally are s_xually active.

According to the adult entertainment app Lazeeva, research was done to see which cities around the world had the friskiest women.

The study was conducted using almost half a million participants between the ages of 18 and 70, with data regarding contraception and gender equality gathered in order to find out which areas had the most s_xually active women.

The study also looked at issues such as having high levels of s_xual satisfaction, easy access to s_x toys, contraception, and living in a society which places high importance on gender equality and high standards of living for women, are all major factors in the most s_xually active cities for women.

These are the top 10 cities in the world with the most s_xual women:

1. London, UK

2. Paris, France
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Los Angeles, USA
5. Chicago, USA
6. Austin, USA
7. Brussels, Belgium
8. Basel, Switzerland
9. Liverpool, UK
10. Geneva, Switzerland

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Flora Mitumba
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