A Bulawayo prophet Trymore Bizari recently charged at his mistress and assaulted her after she reportedly visited his home to seek assistance in fixing her car.

A close friend of Bizari who runs Victory in Christ International Ministries said while Bizari (35) was relaxing at his home with his wife, his mistress Sizalobuhle Ndlovu (36) stormed into the living room.

It is reported that Bizari, who looked unsettled, greeted his lover (Sizalobuhle) and introduced her to a woman whom he said was his wife.

After that the atmosphere in the house got tense.

It is alleged that Bizari stood up and charged at Sizalobuhle while demanding car keys.

Sizalobuhle’s friend told a local publication that her friend told the man of cloth to fix her car which was parked in his yard and before she could give him the car keys Bizari grabbed her by the throat and hit her with fists all over the body.

The raging Bizari, who had a point to prove, pulled Sizalobuhle by her hair while hurling obscenities at her, said the close friend.

The violent cleric dashed to the car and opened the door on the driver’s side and took a hand bag.

He reportedly searched it and emptied the contents to the ground before he broke her phone and threw away the pieces.

Sizalobuhle screamed and attracted the attention of neighbours.

It is further alleged that Bizari grabbed her and shoved his hand into her bra and took the car keys before rushing to the car.

He started the car and drove off, leaving onlookers shocked at his unbecoming behaviour.

Sizalobuhle reported the matter at Bulawayo Central Police Station.

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