President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s government arrested several people allied to opposition party CHADEMA, fierce critic Freeman Mbowe has now been labeled a terrorist by the police.

Tanzania’s police have said that the opposition politician was arrested because he was planning terrorism and assassination of various leaders in the government among other allegations.

According to a statement from the police spokesman, David Misime, Mbowe was not arrested for organizing a meeting with his party members concerning the amendment of the constitution in Mwanza but he was well aware of the allegations that were against him.

“He knew very well the allegations that were against him were being investigated and anytime he would have been needed by the police for the legal steps soon after the investigations would be concluded. The steps have been reached now,” he said.

The statement further said that 6 suspects have been already taken to court regarding the allegations.

The statement said that investigations are going on in Mwanza to determine if Mbowe and the others who are in custody broke the law and if so, action would be taken against them.

This comes amid pressure from various human rights agencies and other individuals pushing for Mbowe and his counterparts to be set free.

The chair of the American committee about external affairs on Africa Karen Bass has expressed her sadness over the issue saying that Tanzania needs to stop oppressing opposition parties and their leaders.

“Tanzanian authorities must stop the increasing oppression against opposition parties and their leaders. Their careless arrest and detention show how the authority of the law, human rights, the rights of freedom of expression and cooperation are ignored.

Mbowe and 11 officials from CHADEMA were arrested on Wednesday at around 2.00 am at a hotel in Mwanza city.

He has been recently pushing for constitution amendments but President Samia Suluhu Hassan, however, said that was not important now.

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