Police in Zambia have taken Chitambala Mwewa of Simon Mwewa Lane Television to custody over defamation charges.

Mwewa a Facebook blogger is reported to have published an article regarding Tasila Lungu a daughter to Zambia’s ex-president Edgar Lungu.

Last month Miss Lungu filed a complaint against Mwewa and others over alleged defamatory article hence Mwewa’s arrest.

Tasila, who is a member of Parliament (MP) for Chawama Constituency, alleged that Crown TV Zambia carried out a story in which it claims that she is being investigated for suspicious purchase of a bank worth K300 million.

She therefore prayed to Lusaka Magistrate Court to order Black Swan Media Limited trading as Crown TV, Jeff Mbewe and Mwamba Chikonka trading as The Candidate, Southern Classic Media managed by Davies Shachinda and Mwewa Chitambala running Simon Mwewa Lane Facebook Page to pay damages and retraction of the statement.

He was picked up by officers from his office at Simoson Building on Simon Mwewa Lane at 10:15 am this morning.

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