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5 reasons why s*x during the rains remains undefeated

All the pleasurable reasons why you should be excited about getting down on wet, cold days and nights.

What’s special about making out, cuddling and having sex during the rains?

Once the clouds darken and the rains begin to pour, tweets and posts on social media begin to lean towards the need for a warm body to lie next to and do s*xy stuff with.

And if you never considered this, or if you think s*x during rain is overrated, here are five things that will convince you otherwise:

Obviously, naked bodies grinding and gliding against one another is just the perfect way to combat the cold. When the s*x is that hot, who needs a heater, sweater or duvet to keep warm?

Sometimes partners get so lost in activities and work and other things that push s*x to the least thing they desire for weeks on end.

But then comes the rain with windy nights, wet weekends and long hours of nothing to do but being cooped up in the house for hours on end. Perfect mood, perfect setting, perfect backdrop and surely, the rain pattering on the roof provides good music for you to get it on.

Because the rainy season goes on and on for at least two months, you get enough time to rediscover the pleasure of doing it with your partner.

Apparently there is something really romantic about getting it on amidst all the thunder, lightening and rain.

Better to light those scented candles when it’s raining and cold than when it hot, right?

Sex when it’s raining is surely not just about combating cold, it can also be very romantic.

You know, all year long sweaty sex is what you’ve been getting, and while that is literally hot in its own right, getting your freak on in the cold, wet weather is a different ball game entirely.

It really does bang different, especially if you are doing it with a man or woman who really knows what they are doing.

All the s*x during rainy season seem to have a special effect. Eighty-three percent of respondents in Trojan’s Degrees of Pleasure study, carried out in 2010, rate rainy days and nights as the best time to have sex.

Just ask around, and people will legit tell you that it’s something about the weather being perfect for sharing body warmth, cuddling up against each other, feeling up each other and sharing those passionate kisses as rain pelts outside and blurs your window so you see nothing outside the room at that moment… it’s just you and the love of your life in the whole world.

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